We at PestControlCompany.co.uk understand how infected pests can cause damage to your property as well as the risks involved for several health issues for you and all your family members. Our trained professionals are adequately equipped with the latest tools and techniques to handle any kind of pest infection quite easily.

Our Services

Birds Control

We specialize in bird control services that will deter pigeons and seagulls effectively. Your property will be protected from the birds’ roosting, nesting, and damage caused to it. We have everything from netting to spikes to electronic deterrents.

Insects Control

Make your surroundings clean and healthy with our varied services in bird control. We tend to keep all kinds of pests like ants, cockroaches, and even termites at bay and completely exterminated. Be it any kind of anti-pest measures or a way to get rid of pests – we are at your service.

Rodents Control

Say ‘Goodbye’ to mice and rats with our advanced rodent control service. We apply targeted techniques towards the elimination of these rodent pests coupled with putting into place purifying preventives towards housing in a pest-free environment.

Tailored Pest Control Solutions

Boasting being a trusted name in the industry, we offer comprehensive domestic pest management solutions that take care of unique domestic challenges, ensuring no pests are in our clients’ homes or business setups.

Biological Control

Biological control allows the use of natural predators, as shown by ladybugs, to control pest populations. It is relatively safe but may not be as effective as chemical treatments.

Physical barriers

Install physical barriers of screens and door sweeps – which should be non-toxic – to keep the flies and crawling insects out. Steel mesh is effective against some larger pests, for example, mice and rats. These include the use of steel mesh and bird netting that gets gradually applied by our skilled team of bird control to keep feral pigeons away and deny urban seagulls entry.

Treatment by Pesticides

Chemical treatments effectively treat pests like ants, cat fleas, and cockroaches. Powerful as it is, it has its risk factors, which involve the treatment of chemical pesticides on humans and the environment. PestControlCompany.co.uk stresses careful adherence to manufacturer instructions, advocating not only the integration of chemical treatments with non-pesticide methods but also their holistic use.

Understanding Pests in Bristol with PestControlCompany.co.uk

In the form of birds, rodents, or in the shape of insects, these pests take the potential to inflict financial, psychological as well as physical damage upon humans, animals, and plants. Bristol is a city full of diversity. Hence, it’s important to understand and identify these troublesome creatures. PestControl Company.co.uk offers specialist pest control services meant to deal with the unique problems encountered by residents in Bristol.

Typical Pests in Bristol

In the city of Bristol, common pests within the urban environment include rodents, cockroaches, ants, and bedbugs. Other non-indigenous invasive pests in the city include the false widow spider, wall lizard, terrestrial shrimp, and tube web spider.

Your Satisfaction Matters

Choosing us is choosing a partner dedicated completely to your satisfaction. We go above just eliminating pests; we strive towards an environment for living or work free of pests and in harmony with nature.

Do not let pests take your space. Call us today, and let us show you how our effective, humane, and ecological solutions in pest control can help bring you back into control.